The Father’s Heart

As I hold my four-week-old granddaughter, gazing into the depth of her innocence through her beautiful, wide eyes, I wonder what the future holds for this precious gift from God. Prior to her birth, I prayed that she and her mama would be healthy and protected from anything that would cause problems in the womb and at birth. Those prayers were answered; but, now that she is outside of the womb, my greatest desire for her is that she be a healthy, happy, and contented child, and that she would be protected from losing her sweet innocence. I want her to know Jesus intimately and to trust Him completely to guide her all the days of her life. My concerns for her are insurmountable. She is my grandbaby, and I have a responsibility to love her, protect her, and help train her up in the way that she will go so that she will not depart from God all the days of her life.

When I think of the innate sense I am experiencing to nurture, care, and love this beautiful child, my thoughts go to God, our heavenly Father. He cares for His children with a love infinitely we can even comprehend. Romans 8:5 says, “…. God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

What did Christ die for? Most of us understand that He died that our sins and iniquities would be forgiven, and if we call upon His name and confess Him as Lord, we will be saved. But there are at least three scriptures proving that Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection also secured healing for our bodies: Isaiah 53:4-5, Matthew 8:16-17, and 1 Peter 2:24.

Love is the motivation that sent Jesus to the cross at Calvary. Our Father purposed to make atonement for our sins so that we might be restored to fellowship with Him after mankind fell from His grace through the sins of Adam and Eve. He loved us so much that He sent Jesus to die for us before we were even a thought in our parents’ minds.

As I gently cradle my grandbaby, I pull her to my bosom with an instinctive desire to comfort and protect her. The Word of God says in Psalms 91 that, “…. No evil shall befall us; neither shall any plague or calamity come near us,” because we choose to “dwell in the secret place of the most high God.”

In Psalms 91:2-3 the Word states in the Amplified version, “I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress, my God; on Him I lean and rely and in Him I confidently trust. For [then] He will deliver [me] from the snare of the fowler and from the deadly pestilence.”

God has made provision for His people to not only be secure in their salvation but safe and free from sickness. He does not prefer one person over another; therefore, just as God has provided salvation for everyone that asks, He has also provided health and healing for those who believe. Faith in the Word stating that our Father has already made provision for your illness will bring the manifestation of healing to your body.

Think about it: We so desire for our children to be healthy, happy and contented. How much more does God, our Heavenly Father, desire these things for us? He loves you and wants you to be healthy and whole.