Be encouraged and know that God is still in the healing business. He has done it before and will do the same for YOU!

Stroke Victim Walks Again

Several months ago, she suffered a stroke, leaving her unable to walk without the assistance of a walker. She came to the Healing Explosion service in a wheelchair and left pushing it out the door.

Healed of Blood Disorder

Lynwood and Carol experienced God's healing power the very first time they visited the Healing Center. They now look forward to being used by God to minister healing in their hometown and local church.

Healed of Bone Deterioration

Mirtza found a scripture in the Bible concerning bones, stood on the Word and trusted that God had already healed her. Over a year later, the doctor has confirmed that healing is taking placing in her hips.

Delivered from Alcohol

Amy was an alcoholic for 28 years prior to attending a women's conference with her friends. At the conference, God led Dr. Kennedy to pray for Amy and she was instantly set free from her dependence on alcohol.

Healed of Lung Cancer

Lyle had been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer that had spread to his lymph nodes and his brain. All seven lesions in his brain are gone as a result of simply believing that God is the Healer.

Hearing Restored

Mark listened to one of Dr. Kennedy's message entitled "You Get What You Say." He declared that next time someone laid hands on him, his hearing would be restored. Just as he said, Mark no longer needs hearing aides.

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