Laws of Healing

Healing is a blessing the Lord has provided for those willing to believe and receive. However, receiving healing is not automatic. There are principles that can promote or hinder the working of God’s healing power.

In Luke 5, the Bible tells us that on a certain day Jesus was teaching and Pharisees and teachers of the law were sitting there and the power was present to heal them. At the same time there was a paralytic man whose friends brought him to be healed.  The man released his faith and received his healing. Glory to God! But, what about the Pharisees and doctors of the law that were there? Luke 5:17 says “and the power was present to heal them”. Yet, there is no evidence that even one of them received healing! How could that be? Simple. Just because the healing power is present does NOT mean YOU get it. There are laws that govern the healing power of God. There is “criteria” for receiving from God. We need to know and adhere to these if we are to benefit from them.

Any time/place the Word of God is present – the power of God is present!

Let’s look at some the conditions or criteria to benefit from the healing power of God:

Believe the power of God is present and available for you to receive healing.

Healing is based on faith not need. The scribes and Pharisees obviously needed healing because the Word says the power was present to heal them. Yet, they had no faith to receive.

Healing is not a feeling. The healing power can be present and working in you, and you can be totally unaware of it. A feeling or a lack of feeling have absolutely nothing to do with healing. Mk. 5:30 – the only time Jesus referred to a “feeling” associated with a release of power involved the woman with the issue of blood. When she touched Him, Jesus, said, “virtue (power) has gone out of me.” Notice Jesus had the “feeling” not the woman!

The Word of God contains God’s healing power. Anything God can do, His Word can do (John 1:1, 3, 14). Ps. 107:20 He sent his word and healed them, and delivered them from all destruction. Regardless of the situation or circumstance, the Word of God brings the healing power of God into your situation. Jesus only SPOKE to the paralyzed man … no anointing with oil, no laying on of hands…He just spoke the Word.The man did not say “Wait a minute Jesus… anoint me, lay hands on me, pray for me;” …he simply heard the Word and responded in faith to Rise up and walk”. The Word of God healed him.

Genuine faith always has a corresponding action. The paralyzed man had faith and acted on the Word.  When Jesus told him “take up your bed and walk” he did! He was totally healed and restored.

Stand firm that you ARE healed. Believe God’s healing power is working.  Once you believe you have received do not allow your body, tests, or anyone tell you the power of God is not working. The religious leaders did not release any faith in the word or power of God. Instead, they questioned and challenged Jesus and His authority to heal. Obey the “laws of healing” and watch the healing power of God work mightily in you.