Receiving Jesus as your Healer is just as simple as receiving Him as your Savior.

Is Healing Still for Today?

God has brought healing to mankind dating all the way back to the Book of Genesis. He is unchangeable (Hebrews 13:8) and is still in the healing business today. No matter what the sickness may be, what the doctors have said or what symptoms may appear, God is greater and desires you to walk in health (3 John 1:2). Jesus not only defeated sin, but its consequences, including sickness and death. Even as people, we care for our loved ones and want desperately for them to be healthy. We cannot even imagine how much more God loves us and desires for us to be free from sickness.

Will He Heal Me?

You cannot find an instance in scripture where Jesus turned someone away when they came to Him for healing. The same is true today. God loves you, wants good things for you and has made healing available for you. As with salvation, it is up to you to receive this free gift. We receive healing by faith which comes as you learn more and more about God's love and healing provision. Below is a link to healing scriptures to help you build your faith in the Healer.

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Prayer for Healing

 “Lord, I know that Your will for me is wholeness – spirit, soul, and body.  You made the provision for my healing, and I am determined to walk in health and wholeness.  I thank You, Lord, that by Your stripes I am healed.  I declare that I have been redeemed from the curse of the law and from every sickness and disease that came into the world because of the curse.  I declare that I am redeemed from [name of disease], and I will not accept it any longer.  I know that sickness and disease is a lie from the enemy.  Your Word says that I have been made whole; therefore, I will not accept the lie.  I will believe and confess the Truth of Your Word, and I will see my healing manifested in my body.  I thank You, Lord, for the marvelous work of Calvary. I thank You for wholeness….nothing missing, nothing broken, nothing lacking..”