Knees Healed

Last year, our church made the decision to come under the covering of the SKM Healing Network in preparation to begin our own local healing ministry. I decided to receive training to become a healing ministry member. The training we received consisted of us listening to Dr. Kennedy’s teachings on divine healing and participating on Healing Teams called to pray for the sick in our local area. I also watched Dr. Kennedy’s broadcasts on TV. Shortly after our church joined the SKM Healing Network, my pastor decided to take all of our healing ministry members to one of the upcoming SKM Healing Explosion Conferences so that we could learn even more about how to pray and administer the healing anointing to others.

While I was at the Healing Explosion Conference, Dr. Kennedy asked for those who were seeking healing to come forward for prayer. I had been experiencing some problems with pain in my knees, where my knee caps would actually pop out and I would have to physically knock them back into place with my hands. So I went forward to receive prayer for the problem I was having. Those praying for me laid hands on my knees and prayed for me to receive healing in that area of my body. After I received prayer, I was instructed to do something I was not able to do before. I got down on my knees as if I were kneeling in prayer, and praise God I was able to kneel down with no pain and without my knees popping out of joint! 

I am so glad that I learned firsthand that every Word of God is true!  Believers in this meeting had laid hands on me in prayer for healing and I did recover just as it says in Mark 16:18! The revelation and understanding of God’s Word I received from this experience was awesome and will definitely help me to apply my own faith in God’s Word as I lay hands on and minister healing to others.