Just Like That

It was a Wednesday night.  Anthony and I had finished our dinner and retreated to our favorite spot in the house to eat a bowl of ice-cold grapes and watch one of our favorite movies together.  After the movie, we prayed as usual and went to sleep.  This was a typical date night, nothing out of the ordinary, and we loved it.  Then something not so typical happened. In the wee hours of the morning, 3:15 am to be exact, I was awakened by something I never experienced before. An uninvited guest, EXCRUCIATING PAIN had infiltrated my body while I was asleep.

It was from hell and it had to go back from where it came. It felt like pieces of my insides were being ripped apart in a nonstop gymnastics tournament going on inside my belly. Even in the midst of this pain, I knew what I needed to do: first, call on Jehovah Rapha, then, call on my husband to agree with me in prayer for quick relief and finally, call on the prayer warriors. I then grabbed my book, Confessions for Whole Life, which is collection of paraphrased healing confessions compiled by Sandra Kennedy Ministries based entirely on the Word of God.   I found the one that spoke directly to my problem: Confessions for Freedom from Pain.  I began to speak these scriptures over my body and confessed even more loudly each time the pain hit. I repeated them over and over and over again. 

We arrived to a packed ER around 4 pm. Going into more than ten hours of pain, I was discouraged seeing all those waiting to be treated.  I was sure I would not be seen until the next morning, all while continuing to believe God for my healing.  Soon after our arrival, one of the leaders from our church came and prayed with us in the waiting room.  As he left, he asked my husband to keep in touch about my progress. It was then I realized I had not brought my scripture book with me.  Frantic, I called my friend, Judy, who took a picture of the page I had been confessing and sent it to me.  Hubby and I began to confess the scriptures together. 

During my wait, I was called three times by the hospital staff: once to be triaged, once for billing and a third time for lab work. As I sat with my husband in the ER, I will have you know, the pain miraculously left my body. I never saw a doctor. I was never given any medication. The pain left!  I went to a nurse and let her know that “the pain was gone, God healed me,” and we were going to leave. When I filled out the discharge paper, I signed my name and wrote: “HEALED BY GOD!”

God does not show favorites. He will do the same for you that He did for me. When the enemy comes to attack, respond with the weapon he cannot contest: the Word of God!

The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly. John 10:10

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