Healing Testimony

The following testimony is an amazing statement of faith and trust in the Lord. It is worthy of reading to bring hope and encouragement to you.

In July 2020, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Although I was caught totally by surprise and my first thought was: “it had to be some sort of mix-up”, I was and remained in total peace throughout the entire process. My first response to my daughter who was at home when the doctor called with the news:

“I will not die but live and declare the glorious works of the Lord!”

I contacted our ministry for prayer. Although I had attended many of Pastor’s Healing Explosion services and spent years studying in Bible college, I knew that I needed to contact our Healing Center to get under the teaching sessions that were available. As my Pastor would remind us, “Faith comes by hearing and hearing of the Word, NOT by having heard.

When I stopped by the Healing Center, I realized that it was closed due to the COVID pandemic. I began to go to the ministry archives and start listening to available recordings of past Healing Explosion services, Healing Center teachings as well as play “Words of Life for Healing” nightly ( and later during chemotherapy treatments). We had seen this anointed teaching work miraculously in our family over the years.

At the same time, I had just completed the review of a translation of our Pastor’s book “The Simplicity of Healing” into German. Looking back, it was a long-term, Divine set-up for victory over what the enemy meant for harm.

Our family had been under Pastor Dr. Sandra Kennedy’s teaching for nearly 20 years and had been taught so many life-changing truths that set us up for victory over many challenges we faced through the years.

When our children were very little, we all witnessed my husband’s tragic fall out of a tree and miraculous recovery which our 3 year old son at the time later simply summed up as “Dad, God has healed you!”

Three surgeries followed after my initial diagnosis and the “contained breast cancer” on one side was later also discovered on the other side and in lymph nodes. The originally planned radiation treatment plan changed to chemotherapy followed by radiation.

Shortly after the first surgery one Sunday after church service, Rev. Velda Schirhart, Director of our Healing Center offered to meet with me. God had made a way!

Over the following six months, Rev. Velda and her team of dedicated volunteers administered the Word of Life for healing to me three times a week, prayed with me and taught me how to keep standing on the promises of God and overcome by using every weapon available to me, the Word, the Blood and the name of Jesus!

I meditated on the Word daily, agreed with what God says, laid hands on my IV bags before each chemo treatment, spoke to my body to accept the good and reject the bad and came through the treatments and recovery period successfully. Praise His Holy Name!

Bless our Pastor for obeying God, growing us up, teaching us victory and for the God-idea of a Healing Center available right here to all of us led and run by spirit-led, caring staff, handpicked by God.

I am so grateful and thank God for all of you.

Many blessings,

Gabi Dukes