A beautiful teaching facility dedicated to teaching Biblical principles on health, healing, wholeness, and how to experience the healing power of the Word of God.

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The Healing Center was founded and based upon a vision given to Dr. Kennedy by the Lord. It is our Father’s heart’s desire that we be healed, and He has made provision for healing in His Word. The purpose of the Healing Center is to teach what the Bible says about health, healing and wholeness, and to teach participants how to experience the healing power of God. Thousands have been healed through the teaching of the Word of God, including diseases of every kind.

Please scroll down to watch the live-streamed teachings every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 11am ET, as well as view past teachings!

Facts for Participants

  • Hours: Mon, Tues, Wed from 10am-1pm (By Appointment Only)
  • Open to anyone with a medical condition
  • Services are provided free of charge
  • Call ahead for an appointment
  • Participants are encouraged to continue medical care and medications
  • Both individual and group sessions are available
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Healing Teams

For those within a 60-mile radius of Augusta, Georgia, who are physically unable to attend the Healing Center, we have healing teams who will come to you. Our Healing Teams have been able to minister at every hospital in our city and have seen God move in the most life-threatening situations. Healing Teams will come at the request of a patient or immediately family member of a patient.