He Prepares Us for Battle

God has a wonderful way of supplying our need before we even know we have a need! DJ had no idea she would be diagnosed with breast cancer. However, the Lord dropped it in her heart to pursue learning about divine healing.  Read her testimony and see how God made a provision for her healing before she needed it:

I had a sudden desire to learn about healing, so I started watching videos and reading books on the subject. I thank God I attend a church that believes in and teaches healing. Because of my church, I already had a strong foundation. I came across Dr. Kennedy’s video on Sid Roth where she shares her testimony about her mother being healed of cancer and how God healed her lip (part of her lip had been bitten off through an accident with her little dog). I started watching Dr. Kennedy’s videos on YouTube. My plan was to attend the Healing Explosion later in the year. Little did I know that before then I would be diagnosed with breast cancer. I remembered hearing a teaching about Job the weekend before my test results. I knew the Bible said what Job feared most came upon him. Also, God had given me two dreams weeks before; one with the word oncologist (I thought it was just the devil and ignored it) and in the other dream, I saw the letters AAA. Later, I found out the cancer I had was triple negative cancer. AAA was written on the paperwork from the doctor to describe this type. God was telling me in advance through dreams to help me!

Then, I remembered seeing Dr. Kennedy on the Sid Roth program where she talked about her book, The Simplicity of Healing.  I ordered the kindle version of the book. I kept the Word of God in front of me constantly as I listened to healing scriptures and read her book. The testimonies and teaching in the book were key for me.  It encouraged me, helped my faith grow, and ultimately helped me stand for my healing. I AM HEALED! 

I still keep The Simplicity of Healing in front of me to continue to encourage me. I thank God for Dr. Kennedy’s book that teaches you how to fight and for the many testimonies of people healed of all kinds of diseases. I am currently about to have breast reconstruction next week but I am healthy. God led me to this ministry to help me prepare for this battle. Praise God! I give God all the glory for healing me!