Faith Must Take the Lead

For you to succeed, faith must take the lead.

What does it mean for faith to take the lead? First, you must recognize that you have faith. Now, we all have faith in something. But, what is the basis of your faith? What do you put your faith in? When it comes to illness, you may have faith in what the doctor says. Maybe you have faith in the medicine you are taking or in the treatments you are receiving. You may have faith in the x-rays or test results. Most often, we have faith in what our bodies tells us, in how we feel or in what is happening to us.  

If you aren’t careful, you’ll find yourself letting your body take the lead in your life. You will let whatever is happening to you, whatever you sense with your five senses dictate your life to you. Yet, God’s life for you, His plans, are so much greater. We may feel sick, but God wants us well. We may feel sad and discouraged, but God wants us full of joy. There is no end to the good plans God has for us.

To experience the life God desires for us, faith must take the lead, that is, faith is God’s Word. For faith to take the lead, you must let God’s Word determine what you say, what you think about, and what you do. You must let faith call the shots in your life.

Remember, Death and life are in the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18:21). For faith to take the lead, we must watch over what we say. Most of us get in trouble with our mouths, because we end up agreeing with our bodies. We find ourselves saying, “Well, you know Mamma had this, Grandmamma had this. This runs in my family.” If you are not careful, you will speak in total contradiction to what the Word of God says. When this happens, you completely negate the power of God from moving in your life. When you find yourself contradicting what the Bible says about you, your faith is in the negative side, rather than what God says.

For faith to take the lead, you must make up your mind to agree with God. This is not a feeling, but a choice. Choose to agree with God not just in your heart, but with your voice. Your words have such power and authority. If you want to be well, let faith in God’s Word take the lead.