Faith Growing By Leaps and Bounds

Early last year, my doctor examined me and discovered I had a brain tumor.  When I received this news, I was very discouraged and began to imagine the worst possible scenarios as the outcome of this situation. I am a Christian and believe in God’s power to heal His children. However, I really did not understand how to receive divine healing from God. I thought receiving healing from Him was a matter of finding the right person or ministry to pray for me to receive this blessing. Then I heard about the WLM Healing Center and decided to go there for prayer. When I arrived at the Healing Center, I made a commitment to come to the center once a week so that the staff could minister God’s Word to me concerning healing. On my first visit, I learned Jesus had already provided healing for every child of God. He provided our healing when He took those 39 stripes upon His back prior to the crucifixion over 2,000 years ago as it states in Isaiah 53:4-5. I also learned what we needed to do as Christians is just believe the Word of God concerning healing and “take” our healing by faith.

During future visits to the center, the Healing Technicians diligently worked to help me build my faith in God’s Word. They encouraged me to attend several classes on the Healing power of God’s Word to build my faith. After all, faith comes by hearing the Word of God (Romans 10:17). I also attended one-on-one sessions, where they prayed with me, encouraged me in the Lord as well as checked to make sure I understood what was being taught and could effectively apply these teachings to my life. They also prayed with me about any pain I was having, or anything else related to my diagnosis to ensure we addressed any health-related issues with the Word of God and prayer.

As a result of the teaching and spiritual support I received from the staff, my faith has grown by leaps and bounds! I have seen great things happen in my life. I feel so much better, and my fearfulness about the future lessens with each passing day. Now, I really do believe God has healed me in spite of the Doctor’s report! Also, my faith for healing has grown so much that I prayed for a relative that had been diagnosed with an advanced stage of cancer. Shortly after I prayed for them, they reported back to me that their Doctor gave them a very good report at their last appointment, exclaiming “What have you been doing for yourself, your condition is much improved!”  Wow! I was so encouraged by this testimony, since I know the same God who had improved their condition is the same God that is working mightily in me.  Glory to God, by His stripes I am healed (Isaiah 53:4-5)!