The following articles are here to help you grow in faith and receive the healing God has provided.

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When Fear Came…

One day I received a call from my doctor’s office about my mammogram. They said there was a large mass and needed me to come in for more tests. This was around Christmas and they scheduled me for an appointment on December 30. When you hear things like this, the first thing that tries to…


The Heart of Healing

I am convinced that healing and restoration are birthed out of intimacy with God. Intimacy with the God that sits upon the throne of your heart. Intimacy with the Word as it penetrates your heart and soul.  There are many methods that God has provided for healing. The Bible says that, “. . . they…

pexels-photo-247478 - Too Good to Be True

Is it Too Good to be True?

Perhaps you are thinking. “Oh, this just sounds too good to be true! How can this even be a possibility when my body is suffering, sickness is overtaking me, and the pain is almost unbearable, and I feel like I have very little life left in me?”