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Just Like That

It was a Wednesday night.  Anthony and I had finished our dinner and retreated to our favorite spot in the house to eat a bowl of ice-cold grapes and watch one of our favorite movies together.  After the movie, we prayed as usual and went to sleep.  This was a typical date night, nothing out…


God Said “No”

I clearly heard the Lord tell me “No, you can quote the Word about healing, but it has not entered your heart”. I was surprised because I really believed that I had the Word firmly planted in my heart. However, God knows my heart better that I do. I told the Lord that I would stay in the Healing Center for as long as it took me for me to believe in my heart.


Faith Stops at the Question Mark

Have you ever wondered what makes faith stop working? Yes, we can stop our faith from working. We don’t like to think of that happening, but we often times hinder our faith and sometimes stop it completely (or prevent it from producing). I once heard a pastor say, “Faith stops at the question mark”.  I…


Is Not My Word Like Fire?

While I was on vacation, I went to bed with a small lump in my neck that had been irritating me through the evening. The following morning, the lump had swelled to the size of a golf ball and was very sore to the touch. I visited a Prompt Care where I was vacationing and…


God’s Word Set Me Free

When I came to Whole Life Ministries, I was broken in so many ways. I had just been divorced from a very emotionally abusive man. I have been abused many times in my life, both physically and mentally, including being molested and raped.  I weighed 420 pounds, had high blood pressure, diabetes, and was taking…

Prayer in Hospital

Healing Can be “Progressive”

I work at The Healing Center and often participate as a member of one of our Healing Teams that are called upon to pray for the sick at our local hospitals, hospices or in their homes.  One day I remember we were called to come pray for a man who had been rushed to the…


Don’t Lose Your Healing

I suffered with migraine headaches from my childhood on into my adult years. During a SKM Healing Explosion Conference, I was prayed for to be healed of migraines.  Several weeks later, I had another migraine. I was very upset. I had been fine for weeks and now the symptoms of this condition were coming back…


When Fear Came…

One day I received a call from my doctor’s office about my mammogram. They said there was a large mass and needed me to come in for more tests. This was around Christmas and they scheduled me for an appointment on December 30. When you hear things like this, the first thing that tries to…


The Heart of Healing

I am convinced that healing and restoration are birthed out of intimacy with God. Intimacy with the God that sits upon the throne of your heart. Intimacy with the Word as it penetrates your heart and soul.  There are many methods that God has provided for healing. The Bible says that, “. . . they…

pexels-photo-247478 - Too Good to Be True

Is it Too Good to be True?

Perhaps you are thinking. “Oh, this just sounds too good to be true! How can this even be a possibility when my body is suffering, sickness is overtaking me, and the pain is almost unbearable, and I feel like I have very little life left in me?”