The following articles are here to help you grow in faith and receive the healing God has provided.

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I Will Not Be Denied

I will not be denied! That is my confession of faith, and I will not back away from it until I see the full manifestation of my healing. A tenacious person is persistently determined to receive what God has for them no matter what they see, hear, or feel. Faith is radical. It never gives…


Accelerated Healing

A few years ago, while walking towards the parking lot at work, I accidentally lost my balance and fell on some gravel. I did not break any bones, but when I hit the ground, the left side of my face scraped the gravel really hard. I didn’t feel much pain immediately, so I thought that…


Laws of Healing

Healing is a blessing the Lord has provided for those willing to believe and receive. However, receiving healing is not automatic. There are principles that can promote or hinder the working of God’s healing power. In Luke 5, the Bible tells us that on a certain day Jesus was teaching and Pharisees and teachers of…


Priming the Pump of Faith

In his March 29th entry of Health Food Devotions, Dr. Kenneth Hagin cites Dr. Lillian Yeomans’ method of curing a woman of tuberculosis. The woman was told to confess every waking moment that “According to Deuteronomy 28:61, tuberculosis is a curse of the Law, but according to Galatians 3:13, Christ has redeemed me from the…


Fear Not for I Am With You

Fear renders faith in God’s Word inoperative. It is crippling. When we are in a tight spot, the devil always tries to defeat us through fear, but faith in the Word will cause us to rise above our fears in every situation. When I learned that my doctor made an appointment for me to have…


He Prepares Us for Battle

God has a wonderful way of supplying our need before we even know we have a need! DJ had no idea she would be diagnosed with breast cancer. However, the Lord dropped it in her heart to pursue learning about divine healing.  Read her testimony and see how God made a provision for her healing…


Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

Everything’s gonna be alright. How can I make such a statement? Because of what I believe, that’s why. Remember, sickness is not from God. Satan is doing all he can to steal your health, your purpose and your identity. Many of us say we are standing in faith, trusting God in difficult places, but we…


Faith Growing By Leaps and Bounds

Early last year, my doctor examined me and discovered I had a brain tumor.  When I received this news, I was very discouraged and began to imagine the worst possible scenarios as the outcome of this situation. I am a Christian and believe in God’s power to heal His children. However, I really did not…

Spirit, Soul and Body Image

Spirit, Soul and Body

God has already done everything he is going to do for us. Period. It was finished at the Cross of Calvary. However, when your body is screaming at you in pain and when symptoms appear unrelenting, standing on God’s finished work can be hard. We must understand the concept of spirit, soul and body. You…

knee xray

Knees Healed

Last year, our church made the decision to come under the covering of the SKM Healing Network in preparation to begin our own local healing ministry. I decided to receive training to become a healing ministry member. The training we received consisted of us listening to Dr. Kennedy’s teachings on divine healing and participating on…


The Father’s Heart

As I hold my four-week-old granddaughter, gazing into the depth of her innocence through her beautiful, wide eyes, I wonder what the future holds for this precious gift from God. Prior to her birth, I prayed that she and her mama would be healthy and protected from anything that would cause problems in the womb…


Life-Changing Word

Recently my church made the decision to come under the covering of the SKM Healing Ministry Network in preparation to begin our own local healing ministry. One of the requirements of network membership is that all healing ministry members must listen to healing teachings from Dr. Sandra Kennedy’s Healing Library.  I decided to receive training…