Accelerated Healing

A few years ago, while walking towards the parking lot at work, I accidentally lost my balance and fell on some gravel. I did not break any bones, but when I hit the ground, the left side of my face scraped the gravel really hard. I didn’t feel much pain immediately, so I thought that I had only minor bruising or swelling on that side of my face. However, when I reached my car and looked in the rear-view mirror, I was shocked to see that a large portion of the skin under my left eye was completely gone and all that remained there was exposed flesh!

I immediately began to do the things I had been trained to do as a WLM Healing Center volunteer:  confess God’s Word to receive healing for the wounded area around my eye (Isaiah 53:4-5) as well as seek out like-minded believers to pray in agreement with me for healing (Matthew 18:19).  As one of the other Healing Center volunteers prayed in agreement with me, she said “Lord, when she goes to the doctor to have her eye examined, let him or her do exactly as you tell them, even if what they prescribe is unusual or out of the ordinary”. 

The next day I went to the doctor to have my eye examined.  When the doctor looked at my eye, she said, “this is really a severe injury, and it will take about a year to heal . . . and even then, there may be some permanent scarring.  However, I don’t know why I am saying this, but go home and daily wash this wound with mild soap and apply coconut oil over it. Then come back in about a week and let me look at it.” I rejoiced at these unusual instructions, since I believed this was directly from God, as it seemed to align with our prayer of agreement the previous day.

I followed the doctor’s instructions for about a week.  Then miraculously, a thin, transparent substance formed over the area where there was an open wound. The substance looked and felt like a band-aid!  Then the transparent substance fell off, and smooth skin was revealed underneath it! 

I went back to the doctor to be examined again, and a different doctor examined my eye.  He said “Why are you here?” I told him I had been instructed to come back for a follow-up examination.  He then said, “I don’t know what this wound looked like last week, but it couldn’t have been that bad for it to look this good today! Just continue to do what you’re doing and this wound should completely heal.”  Hallelujah! The skin under my eye did continue to heal completely (with no scarring left behind!). Instead of the predicted one year, my skin was completely restored in about two months. God is truly awesome working wonders (Exodus 15:11)!

No matter how great or small the problem, whether illness, injury or pain, God is big enough to handle the situation. Seek Him, His solution and watch His healing unfold.