Dr. Sandra G. Kennedy

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Dr. Sandra Kennedy is the founder and Senior Pastor of Whole Life Ministries and the founder and president of Sandra Kennedy Ministries.  A graduate of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Dr. Kennedy was one of the first women in the nation to be ordained by the Southern Baptist Convention.  Whole Life Ministries, a non-denominational, full-gospel church with a global mission based in Augusta, Georgia, is now in its 40th year of ministry.  Dr. Kennedy and Whole Life Ministries have established a reputation of trust and integrity, and both are regarded as pillars of the community.

God gave Pastor Kennedy a mandate by God to grow up the Body of Christ and teach them victory.  This mandate is evident in every facet of her ministry and is conveyed through her teachings, television programs, and books.  Pastor Kennedy is passionate about teaching the Body of Christ to live victoriously by applying the Word of God to their lives, both individually and corporately.

For many years, the primary focus of Sandra Kennedy Ministries has been healing.  In 2000, under the inspiration of God, Pastor Kennedy established The Healing Center.  The vision of The Healing Center was that it would be a place where the Word of God is exalted, the healing power of God manifested, and the love and compassion of Christ demonstrated.  The Healing Center teachers are specially trained to minister the healing power of God’s Word.  After 23 years, The Healing Center continues ministering to individuals nationally and internationally.

In the early years of Pastor Kennedy’s ministry, The Lord told her that she would usher in His return.  Just like when Mary, the mother of Jesus, was visited by the Angel Gabriel and pondered his words in her heart, Pastor Kennedy pondered The Lord’s words to her for many years.  She has boldly preached the Word of God for over forty years without compromise.  She has remained faithful to the mandate to grow up the Body of Christ by teaching and training disciples dedicated to living righteously for the Lord and actively watching for His return.  Every sermon resonates with the message “JESUS IS COMING…BE READY FOR HIS RETURN”!  Although she does not label herself as a “prophet,” she teaches and preaches prophetically to the End-Time generation who will witness the return of the Lord.