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Discover a world of wisdom, inspiration, and transformation through the powerful words of Dr. Sandra Kennedy. With a passion for healing, faith, and personal growth, Dr. Kennedy's books have touched the hearts and minds of readers around the globe. Her insightful works cover a wide range of topics, offering valuable insights, practical guidance, and spiritual nourishment.

Your Robe of Righteousness

This book unfolds a remarkable revelation of God’s Word. It will build your faith and renew your confidence and joy. You’ll find the keys to enduring victory as you shake off the “old” and wrap yourself in a “new” garment.

Simplicity of Healing

“God’s Word is the key that unlocks the door for you to step into freedom from disease and step into that abundant life which Jesus provided for us. By the power of God’s Word, you can conquer anything and everything the enemy sends your way and continue to conquer all the days of your life!”

—Dr. Sandra Kennedy

"Truths for End Time Overcomers"

In this collection of recent teachings, you will find revelation and understanding for living victoriously through these tumultuous end days.

Healing Treasures from the Word of God

The Bible is filled with healing promises! From Genesis to Revelation, the nature of God is clearly revealed. He heals because He is good and because His Name is Healer. The good news is this: right now, you have instant access to the supernatural Source of God’s healing power—His Word!


I am very excited about our Podcast and trust you will enjoy listening to truths from our recent messages. In the near future, I will post messages specific for this audience. Follow our podcasts on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon and many others. Help others find our podcasts by remembering to rate and review.

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"It's Worth It Hang In There"

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“Then, I remembered seeing Dr. Kennedy on the Sid Roth program where she talked about her book, The Simplicity of Healing.  I ordered the kindle version of the book. I kept the Word of God in front of me constantly as I listened to healing scriptures and read her book. The testimonies and teaching in the book were key for me.  It encouraged me, helped my faith grow, and ultimately helped me stand for my healing. I AM HEALED!"


"Glory to God!!!"

“I decided to speak the Word of God to the pain in my head – I started quoting healing Scriptures. But, the pain did not leave. I continued to persevere in speaking the Word of God for 45 minutes against the pain in my head. Eventually, the pain left. Glory to God!!!"

-CW, Augusta, GA

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"God is not the giver of sickness"

“God is not the giver of sickness… When I read that statement it set me free.  I read Healing Treasures from the Word over and over until the truth about healing got inside of me.  The Bible says that every good and perfect gift comes from above in James 1:17. I’m so excited because I have learned to apply the principles to sniffles, headaches, aches and pains and God has taken care of me every single time.”

- SB

"Confessions for Freedom from Pain"

“It felt like pieces of my insides were being ripped apart in a nonstop gymnastics tournament going on inside my belly. Even in the midst of this pain, I knew what I needed to do: first, call on Jehovah Rapha, then, call on my husband to agree with me in prayer for quick relief and finally, call on the prayer warriors. I then grabbed my book, Confessions for Whole Life, which is collection of paraphrased healing confessions compiled by Sandra Kennedy Ministries based entirely on the Word of God.   I found the one that spoke directly to my problem: Confessions for Freedom from Pain.  I began to speak these scriptures over my body and confessed even more loudly each time the pain hit. I repeated them over and over and over again...

- CB 

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"Praise His Holy Name!"

“I meditated on the Word daily, agreed with what God says, laid hands on my IV bags before each chemo treatment, spoke to my body to accept the good and reject the bad and came through the treatments and recovery period successfully. Praise His Holy Name!”

- GD

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"Knees Healed"

“While I was at the Healing Explosion Conference, Dr. Kennedy asked for those who were seeking healing to come forward for prayer. I had been experiencing some problems with pain in my knees, where my knee caps would actually pop out and I would have to physically knock them back into place with my hands. So I went forward to receive prayer for the problem I was having. Those praying for me laid hands on my knees and prayed for me to receive healing in that area of my body. After I received prayer, I was instructed to do something I was not able to do before. I got down on my knees as if I were kneeling in prayer, and praise God I was able to kneel down with no pain and without my knees popping out of joint!”

- TW

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Faith Must Take the Lead

By Dr. Sandra G. Kennedy | May 4, 2024

For you to succeed, faith must take the lead. What does it mean for faith to take the lead? First, you must recognize that you have faith. Now, we all have faith in something. But, what is the basis of your faith? What do you put your faith in? When it comes to illness, you…

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The Power of Praise

By Dr. Robin O'Neal | April 23, 2024

It’s just not something we want to do when we’re sick.  Or when we’re going through any affliction or difficulty.  We don’t want to praise God.  We don’t feel like praising God.  But we should!  Because there is power in praise! Consider Paul and Silas (Acts 16:16-40).  There they were, sitting in a dark, damp,…

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God Can Be Trusted

By Dr. Sandra G. Kennedy | March 12, 2024

“Let us hold tightly without wavering to the hope we affirm, for God can be trusted to keep his promise.” Hebrews 10:23, NLT God can be trusted to keep His promise. That one little sentence is what sinks the ship. Most of us are not sure that God’s promises are true for today or that His…

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