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by Rev. Velda Schirhart

In Matthew 8:2-3, a leper came to Jesus and said, “Lord, if you are willing, You can make me clean.” This statement “if you are willing” represents an age-old question that many people still struggle with today. Is God willing to heal ME? People think, “I know God can heal me but will He heal me?” This scripture settles the question once and for all. When Jesus said, “I will,” He was not just saying, “Ok, I guess I’ll do it.” The Greek word translated I will actually means, “to intend, to desire, to take delight in.” It is God’s delight for us to be healed and totally well – free from sickness, disease and pain.

The Lord’s intent is for us to be healed and whole. Jesus’ finished work at the Cross accomplished and secured this for us. This passage in Matthew 8 shows the marvelous compassion of Jesus. The leper was considered unclean and therefore untouchable. However, Jesus did not hesitate to reach out and touch him. In the eyes of the Lord, no one is untouchable. He touched, cleansed, and made this man whole. Not only did Jesus do that, but keep in mind, it was His delight to do so! That is how kind, loving, and compassionate the Lord is regarding anyone who is sick. He delights in providing healing for them!

So, again another question comes to the forefront: is healing for today? People say, well yes, when Jesus walked on the earth He healed people. However, what about now? What about me? We must keep in mind that God never changes! Malachi 3:6 says, “For I am the Lord, I do not change.” Hebrews 13:8 tells us that “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.”  So, if it was ever once the intent, desire, and delight of God to heal, then the same is true for today because God does not change!

TV Offer #131 Genuine Faith Produces Rest

How can I tell if I am truly in faith? The answer is rest. When we are not at peace, we are not trusting God. Genuine faith and rest can be experienced by anyone who desires it. In these teachings, learn how to enter this place of faith and make peace a reality in your life.

Do You Have a Spiritual Blockage?

Every person who is not walking in the full blessings of God has a spiritual blockage somewhere in their life. God’s healing power dwells in you and from His perspective you are already healed. So, what is keeping health from being released?

Healing Collection Sheet Set

The idea for these linens came from a vision or dream God gave Dr. Sandra Kennedy. In the vision, as people rested upon the Word of God, were covered over by the Word and activated their faith in the Word, they sprang forth healed (John 1:1).

The Simplicity of Healing

Receiving your healing was never meant to be a complicated process; it should be as simple as putting God’s Word into practice in your life! You will receive teaching on how to practically activate God’s Word and experience God’s healing power in every area of your life that’s hurting: physical health, emotions, finances, relationships, and more!

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