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by Dr. Sandra G. Kennedy

God has already done everything he is going to do for us. Period. It was finished at the Cross of Calvary. However, when your body is screaming at you in pain and when symptoms appear unrelenting, standing on God’s finished work can be hard.

We must understand the concept of spirit, soul and body. You have a soul, which is your mind your will and emotions. You are a Spirit, made in the image of God. That is who we really are. You can see my body, the house that is holding me, but you cannot see my spirit, which is the real me. You hear and watch me express my soulish area (thoughts, will, and emotions) through my body. You see my body, my house. Like all houses, as time goes by, you need a little adjusting here and there. A little paint helps anything and everything. However, if you aren’t careful, when you look in the mirror, you’ll think you are looking at you. You will identify yourself as your body instead realizing that the real you lives inside the body. Again, the real you is your spirit man that has been made in the image of God.

Now, the part that messes us all up is the soul. Your soul (thinking process, emotions, etc) directs the body. Your spirit man wants to direct you body. In fact, the moment you are born again, the Spirit of God moves inside of your spirit man. You carry God inside of you, including all of His healing power. Yes, the Healer lives inside of you!

Hidden in His 1st Coming - Pattern for His 2nd Coming

Jesus is coming again – are you ready for His return? When Jesus came the first time, evidence throughout scripture pointed to His appearance. Likewise, scriptures today tell of His imminent return. In these teachings, study with us the first coming of Jesus as we uncover patterns leading to the season of His return.

Sheet Set

The idea for these linens came from a vision or dream God gave Dr. Sandra Kennedy. In the vision, as people rested upon the Word of God, were covered over by the Word and activated their faith in the Word, they sprang forth healed (John 1:1).

Prepare His People - Jesus is Coming

Give a donation of any amount and receive this God-given message by Dr. Sandra Kennedy. Jesus is coming again – are you ready for His return? In this teaching, look with us at evidence in scriptures pointing to His second coming. Find out what role the Church plays in His return and how to participate in the season of His second coming.

Confessions for Whole Life

Booklet includes scripture-based confessions for 17 topics. Topics are Healing, Peace, Strength, Sleep, Healthy Heart, Healthy Lungs, Healthy Bones, Healthy Ears and Hearing, Healthy Eyes, Healthy Appetite, Memory/Soundness of Mind, and more.

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