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Prayer for Our World

Stand in agreement with us for God's intervention during the COVID-19 crisis. 

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Fear Not for I Am With You

By Dr. Jane Jacobson

Fear renders faith in God’s Word inoperative. It is crippling. When we are in a tight spot, the devil always tries to defeat us through fear, but faith in the Word will cause us to rise above our fears in every situation.

When I learned that my doctor made an appointment for me to have a biopsy due to irregularities in a mammogram, fear tried to engulf me. What if I have cancer? What if? What if? What if?


Offer #131 - Genuine Faith Produces Rest CD Set

How can I tell if I am truly in faith? The answer is rest. When we are not at peace, we are not trusting God. Genuine faith and rest can be experienced by anyone who desires it. In these teachings, learn how to enter this place of faith and make peace a reality in your life.

Do You Have a Spiritual Blockage?

Every person who is not walking in the full blessings of God has a spiritual blockage somewhere in their life. God’s healing power dwells in you and from His perspective you are already healed. So, what is keeping health from being released?

Healing Treasures from the Word of God

The Bible is filled with healing promises! From Genesis to Revelation, the nature of God is clearly revealed. He heals because He is good and because His Name is Healer. The good news is this: right now, you have instant access to the supernatural Source of God’s healing power—His Word!

Biblical Spiritual Warfare

For many years, the church has taught “spiritual warfare” as something that we have to do to help God win. Instead of having a “works” mentality, we simply need to find out what the Word says and let God be God.

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