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by Canda Weng

I suffered with migraine headaches from my childhood on into my adult years. During a SKM Healing Explosion Conference, I was prayed for to be healed of migraines.  Several weeks later, I had another migraine. I was very upset. I had been fine for weeks and now the symptoms of this condition were coming back on me. I knew through the teaching I had received, that it was very important how I responded to the symptom.  I could have said, “I thought I was healed”. But had I said those words, I would have “lost” my healing since I would be “confessing” that I did not believe God had already healed me.  Death and life are in the power of the tongue (Proverbs18:21), and negative words can cancel out the positive outcome of our prayers. When you have been divinely healed of any sickness, and symptoms of that sickness return, it is critical to come back immediately with what God says about you. The Bible says in Isaiah 53:4-5: “…with Jesus’ stripes I am healed.”  The Bible also says in Romans 8:37, “Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us” and to “speak to our mountain” in Mark 11:23-24.

TV Offer #142 Biblical Spiritual Warfare

Featured TV product offer for September 2019. For many years, the church has taught “spiritual warfare” as something that we have to do to help God win. Instead of having a “works” mentality, we simply need to find out what the Word says and let God be God.

Afghan Blanket

Inspired by a vision given to Dr. Kennedy, each of these linens have been prayed over by the Church and anointed with olive oil from Israel. Many have given testimony to the healing power of God through the transference of the healing anointing.

Confessions for "Whole Life"

Booklet includes scripture-based confessions for 17 topics. Topics are Healing, Peace, Strength, Sleep, Healthy Heart, Healthy Lungs, Healthy Bones, Healthy Ears and Hearing, Healthy Eyes, Freedom from Cancer, Freedom from Pain, etc.

Praying with Boldness

Boldness comes with confidence. Confidence in prayer comes through intimate relationship and understanding of the nature and character of God. Learn how to pray effectively with the boldness God desires for you.

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"Basic Truths About Healing"

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