Healing Ministries

According to the Word of God, healing is still for today and it has been purchased for you! Through our healing ministries, many have come to know Jesus as their healer. If he has done it for one he will do it again for you. God is waiting for someone to find out what He has already provided for them and claim healing as their own. Follow the links below for opportunities to learn more about God’s healing power


A man from Orangeburg, SC was admitted to the VA Hospital after having a stroke. He had lost the use of his left leg and left arm and later experienced numbness on the left side of his face. He wasn’t able to walk at all. A Healing Team visited and administered the Word to him. He began to speak the Word and believe what God said. Within a week, the use of his arm and leg returned, the numbness went away, and he is walking again!

A girl had been in the hospital with kidney failure for 4 weeks. A Healing Team was asked to come see her. Since then, we have heard that she “walked out that hospital healed.”

Lonnie was diagnosed with MS. The doctors told her she would be in a wheelchair within 5 years. After attending a Healing Explosion, she went back to the doctors and they tested her again. The doctors told her “you no longer have MS.”

We heard back from a lady who had attended The Healing Center about a year ago. At that time she had diabetes and was on an insulin pump. She recently called us and told us that she was no longer on insulin or any other medication for diabetes!

A 2-year old was run over by a truck and was in a coma. He sustained severe head injuries with brain damage. A Healing Team was requested who went to the hospital, prayed for the child, and spoke with the parents about God’s healing power. A couple of weeks later, the child was out of the coma, sitting up, eating, and talking. He has since fully recovered.

A woman was in a coma for months after a car accident. Doctors had given up any hope and recommended taking her off life support. She was visited by a healing team and a few days later woke up out of the coma. Nurses called her the “miracle patient.”

A man had a tractor fall on him, severely damaging his right arm. The doctors said they would have to amputate the arm. A healing team went to see him and 25 days later, he was released from the hospital with all injuries healed. No amputation was needed.